How about a Pedalino of your very own?
I specialize in fillet brazed steel bicycle frames that are custom fit to your body, riding style, and spirit. Fit and function with a splash of panache!
Let's get started on your dream bike: info@juliepedalino.com


Elisabeth's CX Bike
This CX rig was custom built for Philadelphia’s own elite UCI cyclocross racer Elisabeth Reinkordt! The design for this frame is a tribute to Elisabeth's matrilineal tradition of cycling, the wildflowers of Nebraska, and the sunset on the prairie.


Jessica's Gravel Frame
Jessica came to me needing a new ride for her first attempt at the DK50 gravel ride. I did my best to make it happen for her, and from what I hear, the ride was a success!


Nicole's 650c Road Bike
Another 650c road bike is unleashed in the wild! Converting the world to proportional wheels one bike at a time...


Melissa's 26" Hardtail
This was a very fun project: a tiny hardtail mtb frame for a small yet powerful rider! Featuring a custom seat tube sleeve with a dog profile design, in honor of Melissa's best canine friend.


Reed's Road Bike
A special build for an awesome guy! Reed has given me tons of complete creative freedom with this one. His only request was that I incorporate the Yin Yang and Libra symbols into his design. I'm really pleased with how it all came together.


David's Adventuresome Commuter
I enjoyed this build - it's a classic road bike with a little bit extra in case the mood for adventure strikes.


650C Road Bike
The frame and fork I built at Doug Fattic's framebuilding school! Designed around a 650c wheelset and an agressive race-oriented fit, this build sports a full set of hand cut bi-laminate lugs, stainless steel dropouts, and an ultra light tubeset. A few finishing touches and she's off to paint!


Gravel Queen
This fillet brazed steel frame was built for gravel grinding adventures! We've got tire clearance for days, a relaxed fit, and lots of cute details. Featuring a unique hand cut seat tube / top tube bi-laminate lug, a very special 650b wheel build, and a pair of sculptural bow ties. Inspired by RuPaul and girl power!


A 650b hardtail mountain bike frame. This fillet brazed frame was made with Henry James Bicycles True Temper chromoly steel tubing.


Kurt's Cyclocross Frame
A high end build and custom frame for Kurt - an awesome guy who also happens to be the first person to race for Pedalino Bikes! Made with an oversized biaxial tubeset.


Sushumna Road Bike
This bike was built to ride like the wind and for display at 2015 NAHBS. It won an honorable mention for the Best Campagnolo Equipped bike award! Featuring hand cut brass chakra ornaments and head tube badge.